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Simon MacDowall Mon,27th Mar at 12:54 pm (March 27)

I have been waiting 24 days for a small Renaissance order and no response to my emails. Can you let me know when I might hear something?


Arthur Garlick Mon,13th Mar at 4:34 pm (March 13)

Been waiting 35 days for Modern British... no comms, no reply to my email.


IAN WILLIAMS Thu,9th Mar at 1:14 pm (March 9)

Order 5416 07/02/2017 is it en route now ive left several requests for information on this site and on your facebook site with no reply, can you please have the courtesy to reply it has been over 28 days now.


Geoff Thureson Wed,8th Mar at 2:26 am (March 8)

Any idea when some Monks and Peasants might ship?


willie anderson Tue,21st Feb at 12:08 am (February 21)

Pete any update on the Ottomans?

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