Free men of Ukraine

The Cossacks aren't a nation or a tribe, just people fighting for freedom.

  • Cossack General (with Sled-gun).

    Ref: #REN079 | Type: Cossack |  Date Added: 18/08/2014 | Price: £8.55

    Cossack General (with Sled-gun). 2 x 28mm mounted miniatures 1 x foot miniatures with Sled-gun. Sculpted by Nick Collier

  • Cossack labourers/gun crew

    Ref: #REN207 | Type: Cossack |  Date Added: 09/07/2014 | Price: £6.50

    Cossack labourers/gun crew 4 x 28mm miniatures As an option, we will supply Artillery equipment for those who would like to use these as artillery labourers. Please request which you would like in the "Customer Comments" box when ordering. Equally you can order 'Slight' or 'Chunky' equipment for light or heavy guns Sculpted by Nick...

  • Cossack Horse-holders

    Ref: #REN076 | Type: Cossack |  Date Added: 08/07/2014 | Price: £10.60

    Cossack Horse-holders 3 x 28mm miniatures and horses Sculpted by Nick Collier